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SO ENDS... something.

[After being yelled at by Falcon, the young Jeff holed himself up in his dorm and set to work on trying to repair the time stream. Somehow. He had no idea where to start. At some point he got distracted by the half-finished inventions his older self left behind. Like one big contraption that looked like parts were just added willy-nilly. Did it do anything?

Yes. Yes it did. This was the same machine responsible for all this time-travel nonsense in the first place. The minute young Jeff touched it, he vanished in a flash of light, only to be replaced by the Jeff who actually belonged in this time stream.

Older Jeff looked around in a daze. And then he did what anybody would do in his situation and rushed to tell the internet.]

You guys are not going to believe what happened to me. Actually, considering everything else that goes on here, I bet you will.
[There is some strange boy in the video feed linked to Jeff Andonuts' account. Actually, it does look a lot like him, if he had a baby face and a terrible bowlcut. His voice is girlier and his accent is more distinct.]

H...Hello. I'm Jeff. Some of you probably already know me... The me that was here before.

[He adjusts his glasses out of nervous habit; something he shares with his older self.]

I don't know what happened, but there seems to have been a... time... paradox? I haven't seen the other me anywhere but maybe we would both disappear if that happened... I-I'm going to fix this, don't worry! It... It might take some time, but I'll figure it out.

Uh... I guess if I know you, you should tell me. The Headmaster... Handmaster...? Gave me the password for my account, so I'll go through it. There's just a lot there.

[He pauses and looks up at the ceiling, as though trying to remember something.]

...I'm going to reply in text. If that's okay. I'm a little shy.
[Jeff made everyone cookies. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and gingersnaps. DEAL WITH IT.]
...Friendship and love... They're pretty powerful things. I know I've said that a lot in the past, but it bears repeating because it's true and people tend to forget about it a lot. Even I forget sometimes and take things for granted, but you know, thinking of everything I've seen and done... I never would have made it to where I am today without my friends. And this school gave me the opportunity to befriend people from whole other worlds, people who are so different from myself. People I never would have imagined even existing years ago.

There's no better feeling than just hanging out with the people you love and laughing with them and just having fun. When you accomplish something, I think it's even more satisfying to do it together with someone, so they also understand and appreciate just what a feat it was. And during the bad times... they make it easier to pull through in the end.

Um... I guess this probably doesn't make much sense. It sounded a lot better in my head. But basically what I'm saying is...


There's good and bad in everyone, human or not. Why can't we just focus on the good parts? Love is the most powerful thing in the world, even more than the greatest evil. But people are always so quick to forget good things and remember the bad. It's pretty sad. I mean, I'm guilty of doing that too from time to time... I try not to, even if it's not easy sometimes.

We should set our differences aside. Or even embrace them. Especially in a city like this, populated by all kinds of people. We usually get along, I think, so let's not let something like this split us apart. Not that I want it to happen again...
WHO THE HECK IS ALEJANDRO? Falcon can you punch Lash in th-- wait no that's terrible

Lucas, don't tell me you met this guy too. I'd cry. On the inside.

Was he that creepy guy lighting people on fire?! THAT'S NOT DREAMY AT ALL.

DARES. Dated to the 6th.

[Good morning, SBG. WOULD YOU LIKE SOME HIJACKING OF YOUR PA SYSTEM? OF COURSE YOU WOULD. At least it's not Lip this time. And he's not going to tell you you're poisoned, either.]


G-Good morning, students. And teachers. And everyone else. Um... T-today... Today should be greeted with song. To keep your spirits up, you know?

[AHEM. Now Jeff will start SINGING. It's tolerable, at least. But he sounds really unconfident.

Once that song's over, it immediately switches to a heart-moving rendition of I'm A Little Teapot. And then Jeff is outta that intercom room.]
I must have slept for an entire day after all that. Even after all that hard work, we didn't make any major breakthroughs in time, but it turned out being all a sick prank anyway. Which is a good thing. I think I really will look more into studying medicine and genetics... If something like this happens again with real poison, I want to be able to cure it all in time.

Is everyone else okay? I hope nobody did anything stupid in their last moments.
I can't believe someone would do something like that... Whose voice was that over the intercom, anyway?!

But it's okay if there's not enough antidote! We... We can replicate it, right?! If every scientific mind in this school works on it we can definitely reproduce enough before the time limit's up. So the important thing now is getting enough to work on!

And if time runs out, I... There's still so much I I'm scared to die Well, I don't think we'll have to worry about it. I know we can do it!